Definitions for "Roy"
Roy (ロイ Roi) is a fictional swordfighter from the Fire Emblem series of video games. His only appearances in the games are in Fire Emblem 6: The Sword of Seals (Fūin no Tsurugi in Japan) and a brief cameo in Fire Emblem 7: The Blazing Sword. His father is Eliwood, the hero of Fire Emblem 7: Blazing Sword, the first Fire Emblem game to be released outside Japan as the Game Boy Advance game Fire Emblem in the US.
Roy was a minor character in the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz. Roy rarely appeared in the strip, being most prominently featured in a mid-1960s storyline in which he met Charlie Brown at summer camp, their mutual loneliness bringing them together.
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A king.