Definitions for "RRS"
Keywords:  syncpoint, recovery, rrs, sync, phase
Resource Recovery Services. A function of OS/390. RRS is the OS/390 syncpoint manager.
Resource Recovery Services. A z/OS facility that provides two-phase sync point support across participating resource managers.
Resource Recovery Services. An OS/390 facility that provides 2-phase syncpoint support across participating resource managers.
Refrigeration or room temperature score
(Storage after centrifuging score for) Refrigerated/room temperature score
Porcine Respiratory Reproductive Syndrome (serology)
Records Retention Schedule. A comprehensive list of records series titles, indicating for each series the length of time it is to be maintained. May include retention in active office areas, inactive storage areas, and when and if such series may be destroyed or formally transferred to another entity such as an archives for historical preservation. (1)
Rent Registration Service (Scotland)