Definitions for "Sabr"
patience, forbearance, long enmity, long-suffering, endurance, tolerance, toleration, perseverance, self-control.
An Arabic word meaning "perseverance" or "patience". The quality of continuing to trust in God even when everything seems to be going wrong. Sabr is one of the qualities that can lead to Paradise. Quran 33:35 mentions "the men who persevere and the women who persevere" as among those who will receive a great reward from God
Patience, forbearance, steadfastness, endurance, self-control; “qillat us-sabr” means impatience. It is one of the pillars of imaan .
The Society for American Baseball Research. Though the word "sabermetrics" was derived from their name, SABR researches much more than just statistics. In fact, the most popular areas of research in SABR are historical, having to do with correcting (and finding) records of 19th-century players, the Negro Leagues, and all professional baseball games ever played.