Definitions for "Salah"
Keywords:  muslims, prayer, worship, islam, recite
Prescribed communication with, and worship of, Allah, performed under specific conditions, in the manner taught by the Prophet Muhammad pbuh,.and recited in the Arabic language. The five daily times of salah are fixed by Allah.
Praying five times a day, facing Mecca. "It is a matchless and unprecedented formula of intellectual meditation and spiritual devotion, of moral elevation and physical exercise, all combined," writes scholar Sayyid Abu Al-'Ala Maududi.
The formal five mandatory prayers in Islam, during which Muslims recite portions of the Quran, bow and prostrate in worship. Salah puts Muslims in continual communication with their Creator, while providing a constant reminder of their higher moral spiritual mission in life.
advice or thoughts on a particular matter. Not to be confused with sala, a perjorative term which literally means brother-in-law but suggests an intimate relationship with someone's sister.