Definitions for "Imam"
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Among the Mohammedans, a minister or priest who performs the regular service of the mosque.
A Mohammedan prince who, as a successor of Mohammed, unites in his person supreme spiritual and temporal power.
A word used in several senses. In general use and in lower case, it means the leader of congregational prayers; as such it implies no ordination or special spiritual powers beyond sufficient education to carry out this function. It is also used figuratively by many Sunni ( q.v.) Muslims to mean the leader of the Islamic community. Among Shias ( q.v.) the word takes on many complex meanings; in general, it indicates that particular descendant of the House of Ali ibn Abu Talib, who is believed to have been God's designated repository of the spiritual authority inherent in that line. The identity of this individual and the means of ascertaining his identity have been the major issues causing divisions among Shias. infitah Literally open door; refers to Anwar as Sadat's policy after the October 1973 War of relaxing government controls on the economy so as to encourage the private sector and stimulate the inflow of foreign funds.
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a shepherd and he is responsible for those in his care
a shepherd and he is responsible for those is this care
a shepherd and is responsible for his flock
It has many uses with different meanings. Here I use it as a title for the twelve people chosen by Allah and appointed by Rasoolollah to continue his message, such as: Imam Hasan, Rasoolollah's second Caliph.
a trustee of the people appointed by Allah
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