Definitions for "Ansar"
"helpers" of Muhammad at Medina; later used as designation for members of Muslim religious and political associations.
(literally, "helpers"), the Muslim of Yathrib (Madinah) who welcomed those who migrated from Makkah and helped them to settle in their new home.
supporters. The Muslims of al-Madinah, who welcomed, helped and supported the Muslims who migrated there from Makkah.
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camps The names of the detention camps in which Israel held thousands of Palestinians during the pre-Oslo Process period. Ironically, this is also the name of the detention camps that the Palestinians established for IDF soldiers following the occupation of Israel (after the War of 2010).
Ansar (Arabic: الأنصار, meaning aiders, or patrons) refer to a class of warriors who are renowned for their arsenal of weapons and for their speed and mobility on the battlefield. The quality of the Arabian horses quickly led to these soldiers dominating the battlefield, making ample use of their array of weaponry, which consisted of javelins, a sword, and bow and arrows. The one military unit that was present in nearly all of the Arabic expansion of the 7th to 9th centuries was the Ansar Warrior.
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Pl. - see ansari.