Definitions for "Shi'a"
Keywords:  ali, sunni, muslim, muhammad, sect
sect - (SHE-ya) The Shi'a (adjective: Shi'i, or Shi'ite) are the followers of Ali, who believed that Ali should have been succeeded by his son Hussein as Caliph, rather than Muawiyah, who was actually chosen. The Shi'a believed that the Caliphate should remain in the control of the family of the Prophet Muhammad. The Shi'a split off from the Sunnis after Hussein was killed in the battle of Kerbala in 681
the group of Muslims who regard 'Ali and his heirs as the only legitimate successors to the Prophet Muhammad, divided into sects according to allegiance to different lines of 'Alid descent.
those Muslims who held to the rights of 'Ali and his descendants to leadership in the community.