Definitions for "mecca "
Islam's holiest city
The holy land of the Muslims.
The birthplace of Mohammed, Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, is one of the two holy cities of Islam. Muslims pray five times daily in the direction of Mecca. All devout Muslims attempt a pilgrimage, or hajj, to Mecca at least once in their lifetime.
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an octopus, and devours it
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See Makkah
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the birth town of Muhammed
Mecca is a light, portable, and flexible implementation of a direct-mapped memory cache. Flexibility is achieved by allowing users to hook callbacks for insertion, aliasing, deletion, and comparison events. Locks protect main operations, so it is suitable for use in multi-process or multi-threaded environments.
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Mecca: Bringing people and code together.
A center of activity sought as a goal by people sharing a common interest.
a place that attracts many visitors; "New York is a mecca for young artists"