Definitions for "Salience"
The quality or condition of being salient; a leaping; a springing forward; an assaulting.
This applies to domains. One domain is more salient than another domain if the individual tends over time to be more aware of the pair of metamotivational states that make it up than he or she is of the states that make up the other domain. Another way of putting this is to say that one domain tends to be more focal than the other: For example, for one person the conformist and negativistic pair may be more often focal over time than the telic and paratelic pair, while for another individual it may be the other way around. The first individual tends to be more aware of issues concerning rules and the second of issues concerning means and ends.
the state of being salient
The level of importance assigned to each criterion for comparing products (107)
The condition where certain aspects stand out as more or less important in a situation. Salience is a perceptual stance or embodied knowledge whereby a person does not deliberately have to calculate which aspects of the situation are more or less important; they just appear as more or less important.
Distinctiveness, prominence, obviousness.
A preoccupation with substance use, or seeking the substance, in the user's thoughts or actions.
The quality or state of projecting, or being projected; projection; protrusion.
A priority defined for a rule to help determine in what order rules will fire if multiple rules are on the agenda simultaneously.