Definitions for "SAMA"
Keywords:  honorific, lady, lord, miyazaki, suffix
(suffix) courtesy title used after one's surname or name, showing deep respect or admiration.
A very respectful form used to indicate humility by the user. Used to address a God, royalty, etc, or just to be extremely polite (ie. to customers).
lord. A more respectful version of "-san."
Keywords:  tranquility, mind, sampat, jnana, shad
Calmness, tranquility, control of the mind. The first of the six virtues of jnana yoga (shad sampat). See jnana yoga page 2.
Control or mastery over the mind
control of mind; tranquillity; political conciliation between opponents
Keywords:  sufi, shaikh, dervishes, rapport, veda
The sacred assembly of the Sufi dervishes, originally for the purpose of listening to consciousness-expanding music, under the guidance of and in rapport with a Shaikh.
devotional singing used by Sufis to promote concentration on God
The third of the four Vedas. The origin of music can be traced back to this Veda.
Scientific Apparatus Makers Association. A former industrial association in the United States. Reorganised and is now called "Measurement Control & Automation Association (MCAA). " No longer writes or supports SAMA standards.
Scientific Apparatus Makers Association. An association that has issued standards covering platinum, nickel, and copper resistance elements (RTDs).
means "pacifying." V a s u d e v a wanted to pacify K a m s a by indicating relations, gain, welfare, identity and glorification. Reference to these five concerns constitutes sâma, and V a s u d e v a 's presentation of fear in two situations: in this life and the next: is called bheda (addendum Prabhupâda canto 10.1).
With andoshas,immature doshas shatus and mala
A son of Dharmasutra and father of Dyumatsena
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SAMA is a Java Applet interface to the AIM TOC server, meant for minimal space consumption with optimal efficiency.
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Spread Aloha Multiple Access
Keywords:  mrs, formal
Mr, Mrs, Ms (very formal)
Keywords:  yacht, sailing, classic, unique
a unique Classic Sailing Yacht
Keywords:  quiet, peace, nominative, divine, rest
the divine quiet, peace, rest. samah [nominative
Keywords:  ama, tongue, digestive, coated, due
Coated tongue due to ama in the digestive system
Same, equal, even, upright.
equal; evenly distributed.
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see saman