Definitions for "Sahib"
Keywords:  sir, companion, arabic, friend, postfix
Sir ( form used by Indians addressing Europeans ).
An Arabic word meaning, literally, "friend" or "companion", used in Indian languages as a title or form of address like "Mr." or "Sir". Used as a postfix for someone held in esteem.
sir. Sometimes used to refer to an employer, the word carries a lot of class/racial baggage. It is commonly used to stroke bureaucratic egos.
Keywords:  respect, paltu, tulsi, kabir, esquire
A respectful title or appellation given to Europeans of rank.
one can use it to show respect
Mr. or Esquire, implying respect
Keywords:  ranking, class, higher, men, address
a form of address used for higher-ranking or higher-class men; also, a general reference to such a man