Definitions for "SCA"
ociety for reative nachronism. An international organization researching and recreating medieval weapons, dance, etc.
Society for Creative Anachronism - Medieval Recreation
Acronym for Society for Creative Anachronism
Single Channel Analyzer. A device which recognizes events (pulses) occurring between the settings of the lower level discriminator and the upper level discriminator. In an MCA, each event within these limits is counted; events outside of these limits are discarded.
Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Precipitous loss of effective pulse and blood pressure usually due to cardiac arrhythmia, primarily ventricular fibrillation.
Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Sudden cardiac arrest is when the heart's lower chambers (ventricles) suddenly develop a rapid, irregular rhythm (ventricular fibrillation) and the quivering ventricles cannot pump blood to the body. Within seconds, the person will not have a pulse and will be unconscious. Without immediate treatment, the person almost always dies. Sudden cardiac arrest is not a heart attack. Heart attack is a problem with the plumbing of the heart; one or more of the arteries delivering blood to the heart is blocked. Oxygen in the blood cannot reach the heart muscle and the heart muscle is damaged.
site catchment analysis. a type of off-site analysis which concentrates on the total area from which a site's contents have been derived; at its simplest, a site's catchment can be thought of as a full inventory of artifactual and non-artifactual remains and their sources.
Sydney Catchment Authority, the NSW Government agency responsible for managing and protecting Sydney's catchments and supplying bulk water to Sydney Water and a number of local councils.
Sydney Catchment Authority [go to site
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Short for ingle onnector ttachment, a type of disk drive connector that includes connection pins for the power cables as well as the data wires. The current version of SCA, called SCA-2, uses 80 pins and is frequently used for high-end SCSI devices.
Single Connector Attachment: Same speed SCSI interface as LVD, but integrates power and I/O information into a single 80-pin connector. Used in high-end servers to allow hard disks to be hot-swapped in a RAID array.
The Scottish Countryside Alliance.
Scottish Canoeing Associations.
Supplementary Credit Approval
Swedish Committee for Afghanistan
Scheduling Committee Actions–cadet programs falling outside of the Schedule of Calls (below) must be approved by the interdisciplinary scheduling committee
Supplemental Coolant Additive; used with traditional coolant technologies, SCA's are addtive packages that must routinely be added to the traditional coolant to refortify inhibitors that become depleted in normal use. SCA's can be added as a liquid supplement or by means of a spin-on filter containing inhibitor solids that will rapidly dissolve in the coolant. SCA addition may be required as often as every 15,000 miles.
Server Configuration Application. A Content Management Server 2001 utility used to configure individual or multiple (server farms) MSCMS 2001 servers. After a new installation, users can selectively configure, globally or specific to one server, activities such as changing the MSCMS 2001 system account, and adding and removing supported NT Domains, Active Directory, containers, and Site Server organizational units (OUs) as the network topology changes or grows.
selective call acceptance
The SCA virus was the first computer virus created for the Commodore Amiga. It appeared in November 1987. The SCA virus was a boot sector virus.
Société en Commandite par Actions ): A French corporate legal structure with two distinct types of partners: a general partner, with unlimited joint and several liability, and a limited partner, whose liability is limited to his capital contribution.
Student Conservation Association
Student Community Action, offer a range of projects aimed at students within the Bristol Community, from helping the elderly to helping disabled persons, and from helping homeless people to assisting school children.
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Something to Cheer About (1995)
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Sickle Cell Anemia
Store Casting Authority, term applied to subcarriers in an FM broadcast composite signal that lie between the upper limit of the main program information and 100 kHz
Single County Authority
SPECIFIC COLLECTING AREA. A figure obtained by dividing total effective collecting surface of the precipitator by gas volume expressed in thousands of actual cubic feet per minute.
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Service Center Advice.
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Service Centre Address
Abbreviation for: Southern Control Area Fr: SCA
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Social Care Association