Definitions for "Screamer"
Any one of three species of South American birds constituting the family Anhimidæ, and the suborder Palamedeæ. They have two spines on each wing, and the head is either crested or horned. They are easily tamed, and then serve as guardians for other poultry. The crested screamers, or chajas, belong to the genus Chauna. The horned screamer, or kamichi, is Palamedea cornuta.
A Screamer, or "The" Screamer is a guardian. Usually chosen from birth, both the birth of his master or mistress, as well as his own. So the age of the screamer and his master or mistress is usually identical. A screamer rarely engages in combat, his only purpose is to send warnings to the sect of any trouble the person he's bound to may have. He literally screams, which could either summon someone who is suited for combat, or help him channel thought. Female screamers are rare, and a screamer generally dies at the same moment that his master or mistress dies. When a screamer dies after a powerful E, usually the screamer will turn to stone. If a screamer dies before his mistress or master, he will be reborn again to serve the same person. He is ALWAYS at his master or mistress's side, unless the master or mistress sends him away. i.e. when the master or mistress is consummating a marriage. Unlike Elks, Screamers never leave their master or mistress, (only at time of intimacy). Screamers are usually sitting against a wall, high up, and cloaked. Finding a screamer is nearly impossible.
gooselike aquatic bird of South America having a harsh trumpeting call
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a device used in rock climbing to reduce opening forces
An extremely fast form of predator which uses a form of natural teleportation to hunt down runner herds, It appears to flicker momentarily from place to place, always within 20 feet of its last position. It is a solo hunter. SIZE: Large STRUCTURE: Quadruped MA: 300+ TEMPERAMENT: Dangerous DEX: 90.
A fall long enough to give the terrified leader plenty of time to let out an blood-curdling, ear-piercing howl that reminds you to always securely sew up every climb that you ever attempt ever again.
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Gamer who enjoys screaming in the places where its ok to scream. A popular Melbourne gaming style. See Artee's Raiders.
Screamer is an arcade style racing game for the PC, released in 1995. The game shares some graphical and gameplay style with Namco's popular Ridge Racer (arcade game). The game featured texture mapped polygon-modelled tracks and cars.
Something so remarkable as to provoke a scream, as of joy.
n. 1) Slang for mouth (e.g. "Hey asshole, shut down (q.v.) your screamer!" 2) Something fast, sleek, and sexy, used as an expression of admiration (e.g. "She/He/It's a real screamer!) 3) Somebody who screams a lot while being reduced (q.v.) 4) Somebody who screams a lot while being tightly interfaced (q.v.). 5) Credstick (or card) or other ID that triggers computer alarms if used.
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A piece of choral music in a high register, especially in the tenor part.
a type of firework that emits a high, piercing whistle when it goes off
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A Screamer is a descriptive name for a circus march. In particular, an upbeat march intended to stir up the audience during the show.
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An exclamation mark.
a sensational newspaper headline
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see ‘Imprint'
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Another word from a hand grenade
someone who communicates vocally in a very loud voice
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a really big bug (See "Bug")
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a very hard hit ball