Definitions for "Seasoned"
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Wood which has lost varying amounts of moisture from a green or partially dry condition, such moisture loss having been accomplished either by "air seasoning" or "kiln drying"; an indefinite term; see Dry.
Wood that has been dried to a certain moisture content to improve its serviceability, either by air or kiln. According to the grading standards of the Western Wood Products Assoc., seasoned softwood lumber is defined as having a moisture content of 19 percent (oven-dry basis) or less.
aged or processed; "seasoned wood"
In the case of equity, having gained a reputation for quality with the investing public and enjoying liquidity in the secondary market; in the case of convertibles, having traded for at least 90 days after issue in Europe, and thus available for sale legally to U.S. investors.
Refers to a security which has been outstanding in the secondary market for over 90 days
Securities owned by a participant in the secondary (retail) market.
rendered competent through trial and experience; "troops seasoned in combat"; "a seasoned traveler"; "veteran steadiness"; "a veteran officer"
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The length of time payments have been made on a note or other debt instrument. A mortgage and note are seasoned if many payments have been received in a timely manner. Buyers will have their own ideas as to how many payments make for a seasoned mortgage, but a year's worth is fairly well seasoned. In that time, the payor will have established his/her financial ability to make the payments on a consistent basis.
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having been given flavor (as by seasoning)
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Seasoned issue Seasoned new issue