Definitions for "Single-Family"
Keywords:  stucco, ranch, brick, beaux, bungalow
a house that stands on its own, that is, it is not attached to another
In Chicago, these freestanding, one-residence properties most commonly are constructed of brick, wood or stucco. Architectural styles run the gamut— bungalow to Beaux Arts; Victorian, Tudor, ranch and Prairie; Craftsman, Cape Cod, Colonial and contemporary. Homes vary in size, but typically are found on standard city lots, measuring 25 feet by 125 feet. Depending on zoning, they can be one story to four or more stories tall. If the home has a garage, it may be accessed through a city-owned alley, attached or below-grade. Ownership is fee-simple, which means the purchaser has full title and therefore is responsible for all property taxes.
A term originally used to distinguish a house designed for use by one family from an apartment house. More recently, used to distinguish a house from a planned development or condominium.