Definitions for "Manufactured housing"
A structure that has been partially or entirely constructed at another location and moved onto the property (on a permanent foundation). A manufactured home may or may not be a mobile home. Homes that are permanently affixed to a foundation often may be classified as real property under applicable state law, and may be financed with a mortgage. Homes that are not permanently affixed to a foundation generally are classified as personal property, and are financed with a retail installment sales agreement.
A house that is not built on site. The house is made in sections at a factory and then transported to the final location.
Homes and dwellings that are not built at the home site and are moved to the location are considered manufactured housing. Manufactured housing units must be built on a permanent chassis at a factory and then transported to a permanent site and attached to a foundation. All manufactured homes must be built to meet set standards. The standards focus on such aspects as design, strength, energy efficiency, and fire resistance.
(MH) Mortgage Servicing Rights Mortgage Service Rights (MSR) - The capitalized asset that represents the value of the servicing fees to be realized over the life of the loan. Pooling — The process of grouping together mortgage loans with similar characteristics.