Definitions for "Skipper"
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The master of a fishing or small trading vessel; hence, the master, or captain, of any vessel.
A ship boy.
Same as captain
Any one of numerous species of small butterflies of the family Hesperiadæ; -- so called from their peculiar short, jerking flight.
Skippers (family Hesperiidae) are drab-colored, moth-like butterflies that are distinguished by the hook at the end of their antennae (instead of a club, like other butterflies have). These antennae are also farther apart at the base than other butterflies. There are about 2,000 different species of Skippers. They fly in a darting fashion (hence their name) and hold their wings in a moth-like fashion when at rest. The Australian Skipper also has a humeral lobe (a frenulum-like projection on its hind wing which holds the fore wings and hind wings together during flight).
The Skippers are a group of insects in the order Lepidoptera, classified in the superfamily Hesperioidea, which includes only one family, the Hesperiidae.
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The saury (Scomberesox saurus).
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a capo.
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Barbie’s younger sister, Skipper, was one of 2 dolls present from the beginning of the doll games, entering the Jackson household along with her friend Fluff probably in 1971 (see Fluff) Lacking the jutting chest and perpetually pointed toe that marks the adult female, the pre-adolescent Skipper was easily convertible into Doll Games’ first male character, the "Adam" to Aina’s "Eve": Laurie.
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Sergeant (UK Police)
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A young, thoughtless person.
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The cheese maggot. See Cheese fly, under Cheese.
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The conductor.
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a student who fails to attend classes
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One who, or that which, skips.