Definitions for "Sledge"
Keywords:  runners, snow, dogs, drawn, reindeer
A strong vehicle with low runners or low wheels; or one without wheels or runners, made of plank slightly turned up at one end, used for transporting loads upon the snow, ice, or bare ground; a sled.
A hurdle on which, formerly, traitors were drawn to the place of execution.
a vehicle mounted on runners and pulled by horses or dogs; for transportation over snow
Keywords:  hammer, heavy, wielded, mallet, swung
A large, heavy hammer, usually wielded with both hands; -- called also sledge hammer.
a heavy long-handled hammer used to drive stakes or wedges
A heavy hammer, or mallet.
Keywords:  sleigh
A sleigh.
a verbal jibe or insult spoken by a player on the field to an opposition player, considered unsportsmanlike and frowned on by cricket governing bodies. v.i. to deliver a sledge(1). v.t. to deliver a sledge(1) to an opposition player. The fielder at short leg sledged the batsman.
To travel or convey in a sledge or sledges.
ride in or travel with a sledge; "the antarctic expedition sledged along the coastline"; "The children sledged all day by the lake"
Keywords:  skis, chair, pair, attached, specially
a specially designed chair attached to a pair of skis
Keywords:  beat
beat with a sledgehammer
Keywords:  old, game, fours, cards, called
A game at cards; -- called also old sledge, and all fours.