Definitions for "Social competence"
A generic term, of varied usage, meaning competencies and skills related to interaction, e. g. social judgment, empathy, and the repertoire of communicative behavior. In the professional context, frequently understood as the ability to act in a way appropriate to the situation and to achieve a specific result, appropriate to meeting interaction requirements related to a specific activity (e. g. role flexibility, adaptability, conflict resolution); in group work conditions, the term is occasionally used as a synonym for the term 'team player' (which is just as imprecise in its application).
a person's overall ability to achieve his or her goals and desires in the personal and social aspects of life.
The ability to interact with others in ways that are effective for the child. Such interactions promote relationships with others. An effective relationship between an infant and adult increases the chance that the adult will provide nurturing interactions. An effective relationship with another child is positive and may be sustained over time.