Definitions for "South of the border"
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Ask a Mexican By Gustavo Arellano
"South of the Border" is a September 1997 single released by Robbie Williams, the third single from his 1997 debut album Life Thru A Lens. It reached #14 in the UK Singles Chart, and it is his second lowest charting single to date on that chart. Robbie Williams described this single as "One of the best, so much better than Angels".
South of the Border is a rest stop and roadside attraction on Interstate 95 and US 301-501 near Dillon, South Carolina, so named because it is just "south of the border" – the border between the U.S. states of South Carolina and North Carolina. The rest area features not only restaurants, gas stations and a motel, but also a small amusement park, shopping (including adult entertainment at the "Dirty Old Man Shop"), and, famously, fireworks. Its mascot is Pedro, an extravagantly stereotypical Mexican.
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Genital region.