Definitions for "SPARKY"
Keywords:  wiess, bobing, phallic, nod, houston
A euphemism for phallic symbols common at Wiess near NOD time. According to George Hall (Wiess College President '81, College Idiot '79,'80,'81,'82), Sparky was the name of an eight foot long paper mache dildo built (and well built) for NOD in ~1980. He gained his fame by appearing in the Houston Post sports page bobing up and down in the student section at a Rice football game.
Keywords:  bulldog, mascot, asu, owl, devil
Sparky is the official mascot of Arizona State University. Originally the ASU athletic teams mascot was an owl that was later changed to a bulldog before finally becoming the Sun Devil in 1946. ASU students voted for the new mascot.
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See Lampie.
Keywords:  husky, gelding, friendly, big, strong
a big, strong, husky gelding with a very friendly personality
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Sparky was a British comic book that ran from (issues dates) 23 January 1965 to 9 July 1977, when it merged with The Topper after 652 issues.
The name of the artificial intelligence sub-routine of B5's main computer.