Definitions for "Splinter"
Keywords:  sliver, slender, split, sharp, broken
To split or rend into long, thin pieces; to shiver; as, the lightning splinters a tree.
To fasten or confine with splinters, or splints, as a broken limb.
To become split into long pieces.
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Splinter is an album released by The Offspring on December 9, 2003. The original title for Splinter was Chinese Democrazy (You Snooze, You Lose), which was announced as a threat to Axl Rose (singer of the hard rock band Guns N' Roses), after his long-awaited album, titled Chinese Democracy, was put on hold. To quote Holland, "Axl ripped off my braids, so I ripped off his album title." However, many people may have noticed that the announcement was made on April Fool's Day, so was most likely a joke and a publicity stunt.
Splinter is the second full studio album from Sneaker Pimps. Released in 1999, Splinter is the first release from the band without Kelli Dayton singing lead vocals; she was replaced by founding band member Chris Corner.
Splinter was essentially a two-man vocal group (duo) from South Shields, near Newcastle in the north east of England, consisting of Bill Elliott (William Elliott) and Bobby Purvis (Robert J Purvis).
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Splinter (a.k.a. Master Splinter) is the master and father figure of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In all versions of the story, he is a mutant rat, but his origins often vary depending on the version.
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(1) (noun) a raise (or, less commonly, a bid showing a one-suiter) that shows shortness (singleton or void) in a particular suit.(1) (verb) to make a call indicating a splinter (1).
a jump shift or double jump shift that shows support for partner and a shortage in the bid suit