Definitions for "Ninja "
Secret society of highly trained assassins in old Japan, trained from birth to become expert in a vast number of martial skills. It is also the term ofr a male of Ninjutsu.
trained assassin and spy
NIN-ja] A sneak or spy trained in ninjutsu.
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a person who takes the loot without permission or when he/she cannot use it and someone else would have
To loot something very quickly before anyone else can take it. "The PC ninjaed the @#!* treasure chest again!"
To try to loot an item without other players knowing or paying attention. Basically, to take an item without permission.
Ninja is a steel suspended roller coaster made by Arrow Dynamics of the United States. It is the fastest roller coaster of its kind on the continent.
The Ninja is a steel roller coaster located at Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta, Georgia.
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Ninja is the debut studio album of Christina Aguilar - a popular Thai artist. And it became the first album of Thai female artist reaching 1,000,000 copies. It has sold over 1,500,000 copies in Thailand.
The ninja is moderate in all areas except for speed, where it surpasses all others. The most effective Ninjas are ones that specialize in backstabbing, waiting for the opponent to strike and using its speed to attack from behind.
a Hunter, who learns the ways of his prey so he can strike quickly and efficiently
a moderator of the forums
a worthless coward who would rather, attack when your back is turned then confront you
a special skilled samurai (sword fighter)
Ninja is a privilege escalation detection and prevention system for GNU/Linux hosts. It will detect and prevent unauthorized users from gaining root on your local system.
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a title of honour
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a super smart killing machine
To go in with the specific intent of killing the priest, ignoring the enemy team, and then usually running.
an individual that uses his or her supernormal powers to do what needs to be done
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a profession as well as a way of life
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Derogatory term ("Ninjas are pussies!").