Definitions for "Springing"
Power of attorney that is not effective until a specific event occurs (i.e. point of mental incapacitation).
The lowest point of an arch; the face of its bearing on the abutment (c/f and skewback).
The point where the skewback intersects the intrados.
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A vibration of the complete vessel induced by wave forces in conjunction with the ship's elastic properties. More pronounced in ships having a high length-to-depth ratio.
Springing as a nautical term refers to global vertical resonant hull girder vibration due to oscillating wave loads along the hull of the ship.
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see tilting fillet
Redistribution of residual stress by mechanical means, as for instance, passing rods through certain types of straightening machines.
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An attitude of deer and similar animals
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Growth; increase; also, that which springs up; a shoot; a plant.
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The act or process of one who, or that which, springs.