Definitions for "SSF"
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State Superfund
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SSF is a Sega Saturn emulator for Windows systems using Direct X 9.0b. The current version claims near-complete implementation of the Sega Saturn hardware (not counting emulation bugs), and can emulate the Saturn based Sega Titan Video arcade hardware too. As with all emulators, CDs or disc images are not included and have to be owned separately.
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Saybolt seconds, Furol. The unit of Saybolt Furol viscosity, a method of determining liquids resistance to flow. An alternate acronym, SFS, for Saybolt Furol seconds, remains in use.
Silicon Switch Fabric. A part of Accelar routing switches that contains the core switch fabric and the CPU subsystem for chassis operation. The SSF is built into the chassis of Bay Networks Accelar1100/1150 models. An SSF module is available for Bay Networks Accelar 1200/1250 models, including a second optional module for additional redundancy.
Service Switching Function
simultaneous saccharification and fermentation
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Stolt Sea Farm
Site Simulation Files; collection of optimized data groups that result from execution of Computational Optimization Processor for input to Multimedia Multipathway Simulation Processor.
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Steady State-Fluorescence
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Enable Spreadsheet File
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Standard Serial Format - a raw GPS data file.
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Super Skilled Facility
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Static Stability Factor
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Self-Sufficiency First
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Surface Square Foot.
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Single Stock Fund