Definitions for "GPs"
GPs - Goddchen PeteSahat scanner A network scanner that displays information of the PCs in your network or a custom ip range as tree view or diagram.
gPS is a system information applet based on GTK+. It displays the processes of one or more computers , allows killing, renicing, and signal sending, shows lots of details on selected processes, shows CPU/Memory usage and history graphs, and is capable of watching networked computers in addition to the local one.
Global Positioning System. The US government operates a number of satellites that send out signals, which, when read by a GPS receiver, allow the receiver to compute its whereabouts (in latitude and longitude) anywhere on our planet.
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General Problem Solver. A procedure and program developed by Allen Newell, J.C. Shaw and Herbert Simon that attains an objective by using rules to generate many alternatives at any current state and pursuing the alternatives that appear to be the closest to the objective. It has failed on some classes of problems due to the lack of sufficient rules and an adequate measure of closeness.
General Problem Solver. A computer program to simulate human problem solving by setting up subgoals and reducing the discrepancies to each subsequent subgoal. See also simulation.
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(Grant Proposal Specialist) the title of Bill, Vickie and Eric in the OSU OSP
lobal ositioning ystem. Sometimes used by pilots during cross country flights.
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gunner's primary sight
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Great Circle Route GRP
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gallons per second
Acronym for "Going Places Systematically".
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Percentage of shots that result in goals
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