Definitions for "Satellite Imagery"
digital raster data obtained by remotely sensing wavelengths of energy from the electromagnetic spectrum to get information about the earth's surface or atmosphere
Images of the earth taken from orbiting satellites. Images can be taken in a variety of forms so as to detect specific information about the earth, vegetation and other types of land cover
A type of remotely sensed imagery of the Earth's surface which is produced from data gathered by an orbiting satellite and processed by an Earth receiving station. Several forms of imagery are available based on different technologies: optical, near-infrared, thermal infrared (heat), and microwave (radar). Satellite imagery has many applications including small scale base and thematic mapping, weather forcasting, environmental studies, and military use. Examples of Earth observation satellites are: RADARSAT, LANDSAT, NOAA, SPOT, and ERS. (See remote sensing).
information obtained using GPS, or Global Positioning System, by coordinating signals from three or more satellites.