Definitions for "Differential GPS"
Keywords:  dgps, beacon, gps, roving, pseudorange
A way of collecting Global Positioning Systems data with increased accuracy. It involves using a fixed base station at a known position to help find the location of a roving receiver.
A system to precisely determine the location of the DGPS receiver. This system uses a known stationary GPS receiver to track the same GPS signals as those picked up by adjacent receivers. Using FM radio transmissions, the system transmits error corrections to those receivers. [Section 1.4
A system devised initially by the U.S. Coast Guard to improve GPS accuracy levels to within 5 meters. It employs a land based, fixed position, DGPS reference receiver to first calculate the Selective Availability errors, then transmit the necessary correction factors to mobile GPS receivers in the area. DGPS system does require an added beacon receiver to communicate with the standard GPS unit.