Definitions for "Dth"
Direct To Home (Satellite Television, e.g. Sky Digital)
Official term used by the Federal Communications Commission to refer to the satellite television and broadcasting industries. Encryption / Decryption: The process of electronically altering a video and/or audio signal during transmission and reception.
DTH stands for Direct To Home satellite service. This is simply what Canadians call DBS. In Canada, they have a similar situation as Americans with two large companies competing for the satellite TV market.
Delayed type hypersensitivity. A T cell-mediated reaction to antigen, which takes 24-48 hours to develop fully, and which involves release of lymphokines and recruitment of monocytes and macrophages. Also called c cell-mediated immunity.
This term includes the delayed skin reactions associated with Type IV hypersensitivity.
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One Dekatherm (or 10 therms). Equal to 1 MMBtu. See also MMBtu.
A measure of the heat content value of gas. Gas usage is determined by multiplying the Mcf used by the heat content value of the gas. One Dth equals approximately 970 cubic feet.
A digital receiver is needed to receive the multiplexed signals and view them on a TV.
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Declined to Hear