Definitions for "TelePort"
The Earth station that sends data to a satellite using a very large satellite dish.
an "integrated facility that provides its users with fast, convenient access to advanced telecommunications, both short- and long-distance, through satellites, fibre-optics, microwave, and other networks
a satellite communications centre capable of switching voice, image and data transmissions to and from any location
The ability to move instantaneously from one place to another by thought. Only telepaths like the Tomorrow People can do this. Non-telepaths like the Saps can not teleport, but can use a matter transporter. The Tomorrow People can teleport unaided over a few miles. If they need to teleport larger distances they use a jaunting belt or band.
transport by dematerializing at one point and assembling at another
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Javeline TelePort is an Open Source communication layer supporting all popular web services such as XMLRPC, SOAP, JSON and REST. TelePort is part of the Javeline Framework.
The centerpiece of wired-city planning. Teleports, in general, "include an international communications "gateway", a metropolitan area network for distributing advanced information services and surrounding 'intelligent' building complexes." (Hepworth, p.197)
a high-bandwidth communications distribution center that provides major users with access to local and long distance data and voice services
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KVM switch for Mac OS X.
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a combo of two gates
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an object, this post is mostly about NPCs, which wouldn't be an object in my opinion
1. Model that a user can pass through or activate to automatically go to a new place 2. To change place via teleport object or Teleport menu, Teleports list or Worlds list
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a multi-part conversation with a remote peer