Definitions for "VSAT"
This stands for Very Small Aperture Terminal, and refers to small earth stations, usually with an aperture between 1.2 and 2.4 meters. See USAT.
A satellite-based networking service that has a low per site cost ($175 per month per site or less). VSATs achieved their low cost by using shared, high-power satellite capacity, asymmetric data flows and a star topology — enabling remote "earth stations" at the sites to be as inexpensive as $5,000 (including installation). VSAT economies improve as the number of remote or branch sites increase; a VSAT network may connect hundreds or thousands of branch sites to a central site.
a type of satellite dish (1.82.4 meters in diameter). Used primarily for data transmissions (low speed to high speed). Can send and receive voice, data and video signals if enhanced. VSATs can transmit over wide areas by relaying to satellites in geosynchronous orbit.