Definitions for "Argos"
an ancient city in SE Greece; dominated the Peloponnese in the 7th century BC.
A powerful Greek state outside the Peloponnesian League who fight with Sparta. Finally defeated at the battle of Sepia
Argos (Greek: Άργος, Árgos, IPA /'argos/) is a city in Greece in the Peloponnese near Nafplio, which was its historic harbor, named for Nauplius.
Advanced Research and Global Observation Satellite - An advanced research and development satellite launched by the United States Air Force. Carries various space and atmospheric experiments.
See Advanced Research and Global Observation Satellite
A satellite-based location and data collection. Argos was implemented in 1978 and is now used by over 300 organizations in 40 countries.
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Argos is a modular plateform project dedicated to distance learning for secondary schools teachers. It was developed in the province of Bordeaux . It allows them to publish courses on the web using an easy-to-use interface.
Argos is the largest general-goods retailer in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland with over 680 stores. Argos is unique amongst major retailers in the UK because its primary means of displaying goods to customers is via a catalogue. Customers can browse through the catalogue, select items to buy, pay for the items, and then collect the items from the collections desk in store or have the item delivered to their home.