Definitions for "Standing Wave Ratio"
The ratio of the maximum magnitude of a standing wave to the minimum magnitude. SWR is indicative of the degree to which there is a mismatch between the characteristic impedance of the transmission medium and its load. A standing wave ratio of 1:1 indicates a perfect match (all the power incident on the load is absorbed by the load), while SWR = Â indicates a complete mismatch (all the power incident on the load is reflected by the load).
The ratio between maximum and minimum current or voltage along a line. It is a measure of the mismatch between the load and the line. It is equal to 1 when the line impedance is perfectly matched to the load. (In which case the maximum and minimum are the same, as current and voltage do not vary along the line). The perfect match would be a 1 to 1 ratio.
A ratio of the minimum amplitude to the minimum amplitude of a standing wave stated in current or voltage amplitudes.