Definitions for "State flag"
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is the flag flown by the government of a country. Many state flags are the same as national flags but with the country's coat of arms added. the official flag of the country used by the government; perhaps government flag would be clearer. As opposed to the flag used by the people or the military (see civil, war and national flag, below). A state ensign is a flag used at sea by government ships. Where they differ from civil flags, state flags often carry a coat of arms. See Civil flag in the U.S., Mexico, Australia, and some other countries which have sub-national units called "states", the state flag may also refer to them.
The national flag flown on land by official and government organisations. Where these differ from civil flags, they normally carry the national arms. The flags illustrated throughout this book are civil flags.
The NATIONAL FLAG flown on land over non-military property; also called the government flag.