Definitions for "Status Bar"
A bar at the bottom of the screen which displays status of various objects. Subscription : The "short list" of available entity templates that a user has selected
The bar that appears at the bottom of Able Web Editor. See: Browser / Source
This is a display field that shows information related to the number of files in the archive, their combined size and compressed size. It is placed at the bottom of the AnyZip main window. The Status Bar also displays the readiness status of the archive file for user operation such as extraction, addition of files and deletion of files.
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Gives the status of Tango FTP: Idle, Logging in, Connecting, Uploading, Downloading, Creating Directories, Moving or Deleting.
The field on Bulletins where the net position is recapped. Also, notes and other trade management suggestions are presented here.
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Area of the screen that indicates the status of an EIS process.
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See “linking.