Definitions for "Pop-Up"
Pop-ups are browser windows that open in parallel to the selected web page. As they usually contain advertisements, you can block these windows by using a so-called pop-up blocker.
is the opening of a new window above the previous window.
A small window that appears on top of another window.
An illustration which when activated either by the opening of a page or lifting a flap rises above the level of the page. A three-dimensional illustration.
Paper insert or cover that when opened, forms a 3-D picture.
a separate web page that will automatically open when a Keyword page is first opened by the website visitor or when it is closed (on leaving the page)
Keywords:  sprinkler, turf, lawn, retracts, buried
A sprinkler designed to be buried in the soil which literally pops up under water pressure to commence watering. Generally used to water lawn/turf areas, some spray heads are also manufactured to allow watering of borders from the lawn edge so that no equipment is visible when the system is off.
A sprinkler that rises from it's case when pressure is applied to the sprinkler, and retracts when the pressure is shut off. Back to glossary index.
Keywords:  reklame, dukker, lille, eller, boks
En lille boks der dukker op på en besøgt side for at levere information eller for at vise en reklame.
A graphical ad that is shown to users on top of another, usually related, web site. Most pop-ups are shown by Adware companies that contextually track user behavior to show them relevant ads.
a ridge with a crack at the top, formed when the bedrock fractures because of compressional forces in the crust
a compact, lightweight, highly portable display structure that can be extended from
a highly portable and versatile tool with exceptional display qualities
a small, lightweight, collapsible-frame fabric canopy
Keywords:  boilies, bait, float, bottom, off
A bait, usually refers to boilies, which will float ot pop up off of the bottom
Keywords:  foldout, height, add, raised, room
Foldout or raised additions to an RV that add height for standing room.
Keywords:  sacrifices, mind, pushed, worth, mint
A trading card which can be pushed out to make a stand-up model. It is worth bearing in mind that this sacrifices the card's mint condition.
Keywords:  elegant, solution, simple
a simple but not very elegant solution
a marketing tool, and can be used judiciously or maliciously
Keywords:  shot, club, far, goes, hit
a shot that is hit high on the club face and goes almost straight up in the air, not traveling very far
High, short shot.
Keywords:  rich, media
a rich media ad