Definitions for "Statutory Declaration"
This declaration must be made before a person authorised by the Statutory Declarations Act 1959 and Regulations, which include the following: magistrate, Justice of the Peace, Commissioner for Declarations, Commissioner for Affidavits, solicitor, registered medical practitioner, bank manager, postal manager, an Australian Public Service Officer with 5 years or more service.
Student's residential addresses will be collected under the provisions of the Statutory Declarations Act 1959. A person authorised to sign on behalf of the Approved Authority of the school will be required to declare the validity of the address data and that a copy of the Privacy Notice has been sent to each student's parent or care giver whose residential address has been provided to the Department.
A written statement of facts which the person making it signs and solemnly declares to be true. It is affirmed by the declarant and not sworn and must be witnessed by a justice of the peace, a commissioner for declarations, a notary public, or a lawyer.• Paternity• Separation
a document that can be prepared at minimal cost by a lawyer