Definitions for "Sterilisation"
An operation designed to induce sterility. In men, usually carried out by removing small segments of each vas deferens (vasectomy); in women, usually carried out by removing, clipping or otherwise destroying a small segment of each fallopian tube, preferably close to the uterus (often called tubal ligation). See also: fimbriectomy
A treatment that deprives an individual of the ability to reproduce, commonly achieved by division of the fallopian tubes in women (tubal ligation) or division of the vas deferens in men (vasectomy).
The destruction of bacteria or germs by heat or chemical means
treatment, generally by heat, allowing for the destruction of all micro-organisms of a milieu or of a material.
Has two meanings: 1: To thoroughly clean something and kill any bacteria that might be there. 2: To prevent pregnancy by tying the tubes from a woman's ovaries, or cutting the tubes that carry sperm in a man.
A medical procedure which ends a person's ability to have children• Abortion• Sterilisation & Medical Procedures
the act of making an organism barren or infertile (unable to reproduce)
Where development prevents mineral exploitation.
The process of cleaning and sanitising equipment before use.
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