Definitions for "Sterility"
The permanent inability of a man or woman to reproduce.
Unable to have children.
The inability to reproduce, either due to impotence, anatomical defect, or inability to produce eggs or sperm. Note the current association between sterility and cleanliness, as in a sterile needle. The association between non-reproductiveness and purity is very strong and very ancient.
Quality of being sterile; infecundity; also, the state of being free from germs or spores.
absence of germs and microorganisms
In general, the incapability of fertilization or reproduction.
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When a person is not able to have children
not being able to be impregnated or impregnate
An irreversible condition that prevents conception.
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(of non-living objects) the state of being free of pathogenic organisms
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The quality or condition of being sterile.