Definitions for "Stratify"
render fertile and preserve by placing between layers of earth or sand; "stratify seeds"
To store seeds in a cool, dark, moist place for a certain period of time to promote germination.
Process to overcome dormancy, usually by cold treatment in refrigerator.
To form or deposit in strata, or layers, as substances in the earth; to arrange in strata.
form layers or strata; "The rock stratifies"
form, arrange, or deposit in layers; "The fish are stratified in barrels"; "The rock was stratified by the force of the water"; "A statistician stratifies the list of names according to the addresses"
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divide society into social classes or castes; "Income distribution often stratifies a society"
develop different social levels, classes, or castes; "Society stratifies when the income gap widens"
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Classify according to a graded scale.