Definitions for "Thermal Stratification"
When cold and warm water within a water body form zones: epilimnion (warm surface layer), thermocline or metalimnion (transition zone between warm and cold water), and hypolimnion (cold bottom water).
Vertical temperature stratification that shows the following... The upper layer of the lake, known as the epilimnion, in which the water temperature is virtually uniform; a stratum next below, known as the thermocline, in which there is a marked drop in temperature per unit of depth; and the lowermost region or stratum, known as the hypolimnion, in which the temperature from its upper limit to the bottom is nearly uniform.
Horizontal layering of water in a lake caused by temperature-related differences in density. A thermally stratified lake is generally divided into the epilimnion (uppermost, warm, mixed layer), metalimnion (middle layer of rapid change in temperature and density) and hypolimnion (lowest, cool, least mixed layer).
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