Definitions for "Stacking"
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Extra space required for draperies to fully open.
This is the stacking of the fabric on either side of the window when the draperies are opened. Draperies stack on both sides of the window when they are pair draperies. Conversely, draperies only stack to one side of the window for panel draperies. Draperies stacking only to the left side of the window require a left pull rod. Draperies that stack to the right of the window need a right pull rod. Draperies that stack or extend past the glass portion of the window may be ordered as “extended coverage”.
the wall or window area required for draperies when they are completely opened
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The packing of the flattish nitrogen base-pairs at the centre of the DNA double helix.
The packing of the flattish nitrogen bases at the center of the DNA double helix.
Load a kiln to hold the maximum number of pieces.
Loading the kiln for maximum number of items with efficient distribution.
The proper loading of freight in a damage free manner.
Consumption of two or more supplements during the same time frame in anattempt to maximize results. This term originated with anabolic steroid regimens.
Usually mixing one or more supplements together.
This term refers to taking two or more compounds at once in an attempt to maximize results.
Summing repeat measurements over time to enhance the repeating signal, and minimize the random noise.
Stacking is when the pressure in the intercooler hose's is greater than the turbo output. This is the noise you hear when you shift with an open element air cleaner, and it's very bad for the turbocharger. It also results in loss of turbocharger spool, meaning the turbo will need to spool back up after each shift. a blow-off valve can eliminate this. See also: BOV.
A method you can use to improve the detail in a photo by taking several different images and laying them over each other; noise is canceled out and actual details are enhanced.
The ability of hot water to form layers of different temperatures in the tank stratification.
The holding pattern of aircraft awaiting their turn to approach and land at an airport. Stacking aircraft one above the other has to be employed when weather conditions interfere with normal VFR direct landing approach to the extent that aircraft arrive at a more rapid rate than they are able to approach and land. Stacked aircraft are usually separated by a fixed altitude, and when the bottom aircraft lands all those in the stack drop down one altitude separation. Newly arrived aircraft take a place at the top of the stack.
Progressive rise in temperature of water in the top of the storage water heater caused by frequent draw-off of small quantities of hot water from the outlet. This situation can occur in gas water heaters where heat is absorbed into the water above the level of the thermostat. Precautions are built into the design of the heater to prevent the water at the top of the cylinder from becoming excessively hot.
If more miniatures can crowd into an area than can physically fit within that spot on the tabletop, they may be said to be Stacked. (The term is borrowed from boardgaming, in which cardboard chits can be literally stacked on top of one another.) Miniatures often can Stack within a building or courtyard.
The order in which objects overlap and cover other objects by the arrangement of layers.
Secretly arranging certain cards inside the deck, so that they fall to a certain player during the deal.
Stacking in supramolecular chemistry refers to a stacked arrangement of aromatic molecules, which interact through aromatic interactions. The most popular example of a stacked system is found for consecutive base pairs in DNA. Stacking also frequently occurs in enzymes where two relatively non-polar rings have overlapping pi orbitals.
Application of the limits of more than one policy to a claim or loss. Some courts have required stacking of limits when multiple policies cover an accident (occurrence).
In Pennsylvania automobile insurance law, purchasers of insurance have the option to "stack" uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. If you choose "stacking," this means that you can add the coverage together for each vehicle you have insured, at least under the policy. (An issue presently exists as to whether you can "stack" coverages under separate policies of insurance.) For example, if you have two vehicles, with $100,000/$300,000 (meaning $100,000 available per person, and $300,000 available per accident) in uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, you can "stack" the coverages and have available $200,000/$600,000 in coverage.
Practice that increases the money available to pay auto liability claims. In states where this practice is permitted by law, courts may allow policyholders who have several cars insured under a single policy, or multiple vehicles insured under different policies, to add up the limit of liability available for each vehicle.
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Adding or averaging multiple CCD integrations of the same FOV to emulate the improved SNR of a single longer exposure.
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(see Candlesticks)
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Denotes how certain skills can be cast on top of one another to increase damage or the potency of attacks or buffs.
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A metal angle, welded to metal forms and nailed to wood forms, that helps secure the form in place when a form pin is driven through the pocket and anchored by small metal wedges designed into the pocket. See curb and gutter forms, form pins, straight form, flexible form, nail stakes, super flat forms, and transition forms.
(Candle Sticks, Pyramids) – to put many checkers on a point.
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The amount of space the blind occupies when raised or drawn.
Available for some bar stools and wine racks, this handy feature allows for easy and space-saving storage.
Two inverters operating together to produce more power and higher output voltage. The units must be stackable, and an interface cable must be utilized.
The ability to connect switches together so that they function as a whole unit. Stacking switches simplifies the management process, improves network performance, and enables network redundancy.
A noticeable increase in pull weight as the trigger travels. Ideally, the trigger pull should be the same weight throughout its entire journey.
After curing, the plates are stacked either by hand or machine so that positive and negative plates alternate with an insulating separator in between. If an enveloper is used, no separator is required at stacking. Teams of workers often hand stack and group burn at the same station. In other plants, the stations are separate.
Procedure during cell mounting in which plates and separators are stacked alternately in a box before the connecting strap is cast. See Connecting strap. See COS.
As in "stacking of trades," a condition often associated with assertions of acceleration or compression, used to assert an argument for loss of efficiency as result of these impacts.
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The piling up of items, containers, boxes
To pile boxes, bags, containers etc. on top of each other.
The practice of ignoring benefits payable under public pension plans in the design or selection of private pension plans. When no attempt is made to integrate benefits from a public and a private pension plan, the two plans are said to be "stacked."
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Posed so as to make the most of the dogs appearance for the show ring. Set up
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Sequential airing of several hours of the same kind of programs; similar to block programming.
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Stacking is the process to supporting a tree using ropes or wooden stacks to hold it in place
a. & n. from Stack.