Definitions for "Subtitles "
A translation of words spoken in a motion picture printed at the bottom of the frames.
Subtitles are printed text that appear in a film mainly to translate passages of spoken dialog.
In media accessibility, text alternatives for spoken media content, added to translate from the language of the spoken media content to another language (e.g. English subtitles for a French movie clip). Not to be confused with captions - however in the UK, the term "subtitles" is widely used to refer to both accessibility features.
Keywords:  srt, smi, backend, perl, idx
Subtitles consists of a command line tool, 'subs', and a Perl backend that provide a means for the simple loading, re-timing, converting, and storing of movie subtitle files. The supported formats include .srt, .sub, and .smi. It can easily be extended.
Command line tool 'subs' and its perl backend provide means for simple re-timing, joining, splitting, and format conversion of the subtitle files. Supported subtitle formats are .srt, .sub, .smi, and .idx.