Definitions for "Synanthropic"
animals that live in close association with humans.
Literally "living with man." The term refers to birds that are adapted to living in close association with humans, or in human-modified habitats. For instance, the American Robin has benefited greatly by the creation of urban lawns, with their shortly-cropped grasses, making worm capture easier. In many respects, the Purple Martin is the quintessential synanthropic species. For one, it's the only bird species in eastern North America that today, is totally dependent on humans for supplying it with nesting sites. Secondly, since it has been managed by man longer than any other species in North America, it has developed a very close relationship with man - so much so that it rarely will nest in martin housing placed any farther from human housing than about 100 feet. And finally, it appears it may have benefited by man's clearing of the forests for agriculture, both within its North America breeding range and its South American wintering range.
Found in the company of humans.