Definitions for "Synchronize"
Synchronizing two devices refers to an exact duplicate between the PDA and PC. If one unit has files newer than the other unit, software will update each unit.
The coordination of data between desktop and handheld computers so that any new information on either device is copied to the other.
To exchange and update information between a Palm device and a desktop computer, so that the information is the same in both places. You also synchronize to transfer applications or content you have purchased and downloaded to a device. Synchronization uses HotSync® technology built in to Palm OS®. tap To touch the screen with a stylus to make something happen on the device. Tasks application
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To replicate the domain database from one Windows NT Advanced Server domain controller to one server of the domain, or to all the servers of a domain. This is usually performed automatically by the system, but can also be invoked manually by an administrator.
To replicate the domain database from the primary domain controller (PDC) to one backup domain controller (BDC) of a domain, or to all the BDCs of a domain. This usually is performed automatically by the system, but can also be invoked manually by an administrator.
Process of ensuring the files on the Agent computer and the copies on the backup server match. This involves comparing the metadata (for example, security data) for the source files on the Agent computer to the backup copies, and replicating file system changes and changed files to the backup server. See also initial synchronization, replicate, replication.
To agree in time; to be simultaneous.
To cause to agree in time; as, to synchronize the movements of different machines; to synchronize clocks.
To cause two events to occur simultaneously (as in a shutter opening and a flash firing).
Process of connecting two previously separated alternating current Apparatuses after matching frequency, voltage, phase angles, etc.
to cause items in multiple locations to match exactly.
Process of connecting two previously separated alternating current circuits by matching their frequency, voltage, phase angels, and other characteristics.
Transfer of configuration from PacketHound Administrator to the appliance.
Coordinate two or more Controller's so that they can present media data together. Synchronized Controller's use the same TimeBase.
The action of synchronizing content or data between two systems. ULIST News ULIST Discussion
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To assign to the same date or period of time; as, to synchronize two events of Greek and Roman history.
arrange or represent events so that they co-occur; "synchronize biblical events"
Two or more events or operations occurring at the proper sequence in relation to each other.
To make action and sound coincide.
(sync) - to place sound and picture in their proper relationship.
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make synchronous and adjust in time or manner; "Let's synchronize our efforts"
happen at the same time
To perform time shifting so that things line up.
To bring to the same level, rate or status, as in the synchronization of linked production resources to the same timing and volume, or in distributing the same set of data to remote databases.
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cause to indicate the same time or rate; "synchronize your watches"