Definitions for "Synchronous learning"
Learning that takes place with no delay between stages. For example, a chat room might be used to run a seminar where tutor and tutees type responses immediately to questions and suggestions.
A real-time, instructor-led on-line learning event in which all participants are logged on at the same time and communicate directly with each other. In a virtual classroom, the instructor maintains control of the class, with the ability to "call on" participants who raise their electronic hands from a distant location. Students and teachers may use a whiteboard to see work in progress and share knowledge. Content can also be delivered using audio- or videoconferencing, Internet telephony, and two-way live broadcasts of lectures to students in a classroom.
Learning that occurs when the instructor and the students or two or more students are together at the same time but not necessarily always in the same physical space. Synchronous chats, interactive television, Instant Messaging, whiteboard.