Definitions for "Tabling"
Keywords:  hem, sail, draperies, broad, perfectly
A broad hem on the edge of a sail.
A broad hem formed on the skirts of sails to strengthen them in that part which is attached to the bolt rope.
folded or tape-reinforced edge of a sail
Act of playing at tables. See Table, n., 10.
The act of setting up a table at a public event in order to hand out flyers, bumper stickers, newsletters, and other animal rights propaganda materials. Activists "table" indoors and outdoors, at rock concerts, flea markets, sporting events, county fairs, and anywhere else they can count on a receptive or uncritical crowd.
The presentation to either House of a report, Bill, or other formal document; this procedure is known as 'laying upon the Table'.
1) To temporarily withdraw a proposal from consideration for a vote, enabling the floor to think about the issue until the next meeting. 2) Setting up literature and/or merchandise tables for ACT UP in public places other than a Monday night meeting.
Laying on the table or killing. Tabling removes a bill, resolution, or amendment from consideration.
Keywords:  verges, slabs, capped, stone, roof
The term used when roof verges are capped with stone slabs.
The letting of one timber into another by alternate scores or projections, as in shipbuilding.
Keywords:  board, support
Board; support.
Keywords:  down, order, setting, forming
A forming into tables; a setting down in order.