Definitions for "Tea ceremony"
Keywords:  chanoyu, zen, ritual, moment, chado
Chanoyu; an ancient ritual for the preparation, serving, and drinking of tea.
Also known as the Way of Tea, or chanoyu. The preparation of tea in a ritual where the host serves guests with prescribed movements is only one aspect of chanoyu. The ceremony celebrates many art forms-architecture, ceramics, calligraphy, and gardens. Originating in Zen temples as an aid to meditation, the ritual creates harmony among the participants so they can fully savor the moment together, as well as the beauty of the tea ceramics, the garden path leading to the hut, and the calligraphy that welcomes guests with an inscription or poem.
an ancient ritual for preparing and serving and drinking tea
a coming together in feeling, a meeting of good comrades in a good season
a recognised part of traditional Japanese culture and it has occasionally been introduced abroad
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a form of making