Definitions for "Team Leader"
person responsible for guiding a team through various stages of a project. Usually reports to the project manager.
A member of a team who takes the lead in the exercise of the team's self-management functions and team processes in addition to performing the team's "real work" with other members of the team. The leader may be assigned on a permanent or rotating basis. Duties will vary from team to team, but can include representing the team to reporting levels above the team and to other teams, team coordination, signing off on team schedule and leave decisions, first effort at conflict resolution, and making decisions in the absence of a team consensus.
A person who orchestrates team activities, maintains team records, leads improvement efforts, and serves as a communication link with the rest of the organization.
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An EO who supervises a team within the CSAC
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The person designated by the EOS Program as ultimately responsible for the delivery and performance of Standard Data Products derived from an EOS Facility Instrument. Source: EPO.
Organizational designation for the teacher assigned or selected by peers to organize and administer a team teaching program.
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a coach and a model for his team
The salesperson who co-ordinates all of the information, resource, and activities needed to support the customer before, during, and after the sale.
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a PAS member who has been very successful with the program
an Ordinary Person with a desire to work with young people, an interest in missions, and most important, a personal relationship with Christ
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a decision maker
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The one in the group with the vision.