Definitions for "Third-party Payer"
Keywords:  payer, hmo, ppo, medicare, behalf
An organization which pays at least a part of a person’s medical bills. For example, the federal government is a third-party payer under Medicare.
Any organization, public or private, that pays or insures health or medical expenses on behalf of beneficiaries or recipients. An individual pays a premium for such coverage in all private and in some public programs; the payer organization then pays bills on the individual's behalf. Such payments are called third-party payments and are distinguished by the separation among the individual receiving the service (the first party), the individual or institution providing it (the second party), and the organization paying for it (third party).
An individual or organization who fund health care for another. This term most often applies to HMOs and insurance companies, which directly pay for medical care for their members from premiums paid to them.